Thursday, 1 February 2007

Flubdub & Gulf

“The Petitioner’s solicitor is flubdub and gulf.”

Wow! Of all the years of getting abused as a lawyer, I’ve never been called flubdub and gulf.

Is “flubdub” really an English word? Let’s check the dictionary.


Flubdub : bunkum; pretentious nonsense.

Oh yeah, wait a minute, I do remember flubdub. Wasn’t it a word used by one of the Famous Five or Secret Seven? Oh my, that was a gabazillion years ago! Now I’m craving for an afternoon tea of scones and clotted cream and ginger biscuits.


Gulf : Disconnect. (closest definition)

Maybe he felt I was disconnected with him.

So the divorce is taking 3 years. So his children are no longer talking to him. So I got him to pay for all utility bills on top of maintenance. So I’m going after him for discovery of where all his assets are stashed. So I’ve injuncted all his assets.

Does that justify him calling me flubdub and gulf? In an affidavit?

Friday, 12 January 2007

In the beginning...

... there was lunch at People's Park Centre.

I have CC (you know who you are) to thank for this great idea. She thinks that I would be the first family lawyer in Singapore to blog about family law.

Let's hope this works out.